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Originating from the Landuma people of the Boke and Boffa regions of West Guinea, Tiriba is commonly played all over West Africa and the rest of the world today.

Master drummer Mamady Keita describes Tiriba in his book: Mamady Keita, "A Life for The Djembe";

Over the course of its long history, the meaning of Tiriba has changed several times. Three phases can be identified.

In the oldest phase, a great dancer called Tiriba had assembled a group of percussionists and performed his dances. They called him Tiriba when he wore a particular costume. There are no more Tiriba dancers today but the rhythm is still alive and well!

In the second phase, Tiriba was played after the initiation of girls, when the mothers and daughters celebrated and danced together.

Today, in it's third phase, the rhythm has become very popular and is one of the favourites at all festivities where people dance.



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