Secondary School Resources

Please click on the links below to access the Free Weekly resources that we are sending out to Secondary Schools. Further resources will be added as they are sent out to schools.

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6

Week 7

Please click on the link below to access our Secondary Music Technology Resources.

Please see blow for more Free KS3 and KS4 resources

Free Music theory interactive lessons and exercise suitable for beginners to advanced musicians
Trinity Rock & Pop - Free app for recording, mixing and mastering your own songs suitable for all ages
Passing Notes Education - Digital resources for GCSE and A Level composing and Listening
Musical Futures - Top 10 free digital platforms for online home music education suitable for KS3, KS4 and KS5 students
Royal Opera House; Create and Sing - online digital resource for KS1,KS1, KS3 and AQA Alevel strand for 2-10 weeks music lesson delivery exploring different operas.
Indian Takeaway; Rag & Tal -This online resource enables you to take away lesson plans and successfully play or teach a piece of Indian classical music on any instrument

ISM TRUST - Lesson Plans
Week 1 - Warm Up And Learning Outcomes
Week 2 - Learn To Speak Compositions

Week 3 - Practise Speaking Compositions
Week 4 - Learn To Clap The Time Cycle
Week 5 - Practice Clapping The Time Cycle
Week 6 – The Indian Scale
Week 7 – The Composition

Week 8 – Melodic Improvisation
Week 9 - Three Types Of Embellishments

Week 10 – Improvisation
Week 11 - Bringing it all together
Week 12 - Final Performance

BBC Bitesize - Students can have support working on topics from the KS3 music curriculum, including composition, performance, evaluating music and music technology. By creating a MyBitesize account, pupils can personalize their Bitesize by adding their favourite resources

Week 1 – How to write a song (introduction)
Week 2 – Writing lyrics

Week 3 – Melody writing
Week 4 – Bass lines

Week 5 – How to rap
Week 6 – Fusion Music
Week 7 – Composing music for video games
Week 8 – Composing music for film

Longer composition projects
Compose your own film music - with Hans Zimmer
Compose your own Doctor Who theme - with Delia Derbyshire
Make music about a day in your life - with George Gershwin

Compose your own minimalist music - with Steve Reich
Compose your own fusion music – with Ravi Shankar

For KS3 (and in light of events taking place in spring 2020) we have sourced some resources that can be used without instruments. These focus on the #BlackLivesMatter movement and develop pupils' knowledge and understanding of black musicians:

Black Lives Matter
Who is Prince?
Historical Roots of Hip Hop

For KS4 we can signpost you to some guidance focused on 'Decolonising The Music Curriculum' to enrich and diversify your music curriculum offer.

Decolonising The Music Curriculum