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FREE KS1 / KS2 Music Curriculum Resource to Support Music Learning During Lockdown 0.3

What is it?
A weekly 6-lesson Youtube based resource for use at school or at home based on the LSMS Scheme of Work Unit 4 theme of PITCH. The pupils will learn about pitch, as well as dynamics, tempo and the basics of timbre, through exploration of sounds in school and/or the home and outside. They will create music to accompany an already written story and will create their own music based on their favourite story, poem, or range of emotions.

What will you get?
A free weekly video resource with accompanying resources for 6 lessons of music learning.

Support from LSMS during use of the resource as and when required.

What do schools need to do?
Share the resources with pupils with in your home learning pack and/or with the teachers in school delivering face to face lessons.

Enjoy watching and listening to any of the musical outcomes the children send to you at the end of the 6 weeks, if you require them to do so. There is reference in the videos to record their work and send to their class teacher if required.

Information for parents and carers?
The pupils may need a little adult supervision while the children look for things to create sounds with in the home and the kitchen (lessons 1 and 4), and with some of the voice work (lesson 2).



LSMS Musical Activities to Support Children's Wellbeing - Jan 2021

Children need time for play, curiosity & nurture, and even more so during the present times coping with the pandemic and loss of learning in school for many children. Ideally children need 30 minutes at the start of the day and 10 minutes at the end of the day to spend time being curious, playing and being creative. Without this opportunity children may find engaging with lessons more difficult and, in some cases, no learning will be able to take place.

Young People need access to activities that support their biochemistry of wellbeing. Activities linked to these chemical endorsing needs can be offered as a musical activity, along with other art forms, and is a good tool for giving pupils these creative experiences, to help them settle into learning each day.

These musical activities are taken from the Wellbeing resource on our website but have been updated for ease of immediate use by teachers, parents and carers alike.

Please click on a week to access the resource sheet - new sheets will be added each week.

Week 1 music
Polaris One 'Shimmer' is an original R'n'B instrumental piece of music, written at 60BPM in 2014. 60 Beats Per Minute is said to reflect the heart beat of human beings in a relaxed state.

Gymnopodie No.2 by Erik Satie This is the second in a set of 3 Gymnopodies written in the 1880's by Erik Satie, a French composer and pianist.

KS1 Week 1 worksheet
KS2 Week 1 worksheet

LSMS Musical Activities to Support Children's Wellbeing - Autumn 2020

We have been sending Primary Schools Free resources to help support Children's Wellbeing. Please click on a week below in order to access the relevant resource, or click the longer link underneath for the full resource.

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6a Week 6b Week 7

Supporting A Recovery Curriculum - Music For Social And Emotional Well Being

Please click here to access Primary Music Technology Resources

Music Education Hubs East Midlands (MEHEM) Primary CPD 2020

Composing activities and CPD for Primary teachers, presented by Sue Nicholls.

MEHEM is able to bring three CPD videos to support primary generalist teachers in East Midlands schools in their planning and delivery of composing activities in the Music National Curriculum.

The short videos are ideal for use in either weekly staff meetings, CPD days or individual PPA time and accompanying resources can be used to support teachers in the classroom delivery.

Please click here to visit the MEHEM webpage to access resources and further information.

Passwords for these resources have been sent to all Primary Schools. If you cannot locate your password, please click here and request a reminder.

BBC 10 pieces

Here you will find weekly activities for primary schools, home educators and parents to share with their young people.Each activity includes a Ten Pieces film to watch and enjoy and a linked creative activity that can be completed by children at home without any special materials or preparation! A perfect, simple and easy way to keep listening, enjoying and creating music at this time.

Chrome Music Lab
A fantastic, free website dedicated to fun, engaging games making music! Make music like you've never seen (heard!) before.

Below is a list of lesson videos created by Alice Warburton, at Rothley Primary School, for her pupils. She has kindly shared so that we can all access her learning videos.

EYFS and KS1 Lesson 1:
KS2 Lesson 1:
EYFS and KS1 Lesson 2:
KS2 Lesson 2:

Free YouTube sessions with Myleene Klass!

This is a fantastic drum machine! Open it up and create your own rhythms!

Rock Kidz Live
There are plenty of YouTube videos including warm-up, songs, games ... and ROCK!! A raucous alternative to the norm!

Kapow - Year 1
This is a Year 1 unit of work, but other year groups feel free to have a go.
There are helpful 'how to' videos for each lesson, so check those out first!

Kapow - Year 3
This is Year a year 3 unit of work, but other year groups feel free to have a go.
There are helpful 'how to' videos for each lesson, so check those out first!

DCP Drumming tutorials
Have you ever wanted to be a drummer? Learn some drumming skills with these tutorial videos created by DCP