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Primary Schools - Lead Practitioners

Lead teachers work with Leicestershire Music (LM) to help improve the quality of music in schools.

The Lead teachers are working individually in schools that have met with LM to have the Challenging conversation. This conversation has led on to schools asking for support to improve their music curriculum and skill up their music co-ordinator and teachers. They lead staff meetings, joint teaching, observations, and guide the school as to where they can find quality resources to match the needs of the schools.

We would like to identify teachers that are already achieving excellence in music and want to apply to become Lead Practitioners for Music. This would give you a formal recognition of your achievements in music and the opportunity to support other schools and share good practice through the LM website and networking events.

If you are interested in becoming Lead Practitioners for Music please email

Abi Davis

I have been music coordinator at St Peter's for 11 years now and have really enjoyed developing music and the challenges that I have overcome

When I first started, we had very little music going on in school and the staff members felt very unsure on what and how to teach music. This was a first challenge! I researched and developed schemes, did training sessions and supported the staff to embrace music teaching and not be worried by it – thankfully everyone was open to doing something new!

From there, we developed a range of music groups and clubs, from singing to orchestra to brass band, from pop to classical. This is the second challenge – having enough time during the week to lead so many thriving clubs! The children have enjoyed learning and performing a wide range of music, with the highlights definitely being our trips to DeMontfort Hall and even the Royal Albert Hall in London.

In 2021, we were thrilled to receive a Gold Music Mark Award as recognition for all of the amazing music teaching, learning and activities that goes on at St Peter's.

Within school we are currently developing our listening provision, based on the principles of the Model Music Curriculum. This will involve more embedded use of music within lessons, not just stand alone music, and a scheme of music to listen to in assemblies.

As well as this, I am re-developing the extracurricular groups we have within school and also opportunities outside of school, as a result of changes due to covid-19. This has involved a re-launch of our singing club, with a focus on the younger children within school. We have also created a brand new 'Music Maestros' club, where children of all abilities can come along, choose an instrument to play and then make music together. Also, we have made stronger links with Ratby Brass Band to provide a group for our year 4 children to go following their brass lessons.

Jenny Johnson

At the age of 10, I began learning the clarinet and that is probably when my love of music really began. I was fortunate enough to have singing, piano, clarinet and saxophone lessons throughout my secondary education and that experience is what drives me in my career as a teacher today.

I started my teaching career at Rothley in 2007 and immersed myself into music immediately by running the school choir. Since then, I have led music across the school and have been incredibly lucky to be involved in many exciting opportunities from singing to the Queen at the opening of the Curve Theatre to performing with Young Voices.

Ensuring all children have access to both the music curriculum and wider opportunities is very important to me and I am passionate about driving music and developing new and exciting experiences for all our pupils.

I have always loved singing so will sing at school with the pupils whenever I can, whether that is in the classroom, in singing assemblies or in the choirs we run throughout the year.

I am very lucky that I am currently teaching solely Music across the school at Rothley so I get to have a lot of fun with many different children every week!

Laura Norris

I have been Music Coordinator at Newlands Community Primary School for around 8 years. During that time, I have promoted a love of music through school and worked to provide a range of musical opportunities for our children. Over the last 18 months I have worked with Leicestershire Music to develop the Primary Music Scheme of Work.

I play the clarinet and saxophone, and sing in a local choir. During my school years I was taught through the music service, and benefited from opportunities available within school to develop my musicianship. The highlight has to be performing at the Royal Albert Hall as a part of the Music for Youth Proms as a member of the John Cleveland College orchestra. I now support this group (renamed the Hinckley Area Schools Orchestra) as a volunteer, striving to maintain opportunities for local young people.

Alice Warburton

Music has always been a part of my life. From a young age I reaped the rewards from the opportunities that Leicestershire Music offered primary aged children (back in the 90s!) and learnt to play the flute, sing and enjoyed being part of various ensembles and orchestras.

One thing led to another and I ended up with BMus Hons in Music from Sheffield University. A fantastic university which enabled me to learn a whole breath of musical skills and knowledge, but one module, Music in Education, had the biggest impact and inspired me to go into teaching.

I went to Leicester University to do a PGCE in Primary Education and got a job in a school passionate about music education. Perfect.

I have led music across the school at Rothley C of E Academy for the past ten years and during that time have worked closely with LM to achieve a Gold Music Quality Mark. I am now a specialist music teacher, teaching from EYFS through to year 6, which is a fantastic job to have!

Gail Wheatley

I started my teaching career in 1992, securing my first job being able to offer RE (my degree) and Music (I could play the piano!). Instantly, I was leading the whole school singing assemblies and in charge of the Nativity production!

I began teaching in Glenfield in 2007. Again, taken on to deliver RE during PPA times. Once again, I fell into the role of music subject leader. When I took over, there were limited resources scattered around the school with a few Music Express books languishing in teacher's cupboards. Since then, I have been driving the subject forward. I developed a 'music room' where every class goes for their weekly lesson and orchestra, choir and French singing club meet. I teach every class in the school from Foundation Stage to Year 6, and it is such a privilege to see the children develop their musicianship as they move through the school. I am proud to say we are a Gold music mark school.

My school offers all children weekly music lessons with a subject specialist. Year 4 children have a weekly Recorder lesson in groups of 15 as part of the Wider Opportunities scheme. I teach this, and have developed the scheme that I follow using snippets from various resources I have 'magpied' along the way. Children can continue to learn the recorder with me into Year 5 and then Year 6. We offer peripatetic lessons of flute, violin, keyboard and guitar. We also run a small orchestra as an after school club.

I'm still involved in our many school productions, including the Nativity!


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