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Leicestershire Music Hub Board

We'll be introducing our Hub Board members here - to start us off, we'd like to welcome our new Chair, Natalie Whyte.

Hub Chair - Natalie Whyte

As the new Hub Chair with a strong educational background and a passion for music, Natalie Whyte is committed to amplifying musical excellence and promoting inclusion throughout Leicester and Leicestershire. With a distinction in vocal music studies and expertise in music technology, she brings a unique perspective to the role.

Natalie's ambition extends beyond personal achievements; she aims to create an environment where diverse communities can come together through music in both the county and the city. Her love for music transcends cultural boundaries and genres making her an ideal candidate to foster musical growth and unity and leadership within the board.

The role of inclusion in the musical landscape is essential. Natalie will work in partnership with other board members to broaden horizons and encourage a full understanding and appreciation among different communities. By amplifying underrepresented voices, Natalie intends to make music accessible to all though the long-term plan and her vision aligns with current trends in the music industry, which highlights diversity and inclusiveness.

In her new role as Hub Chair, Natalie plans to collaborate with local school leadership within the community and community based organisations to provide opportunities for underrepresented groups to be involved with the musical services the Hub provides. Natalie welcomes this new chapter within the Leicestershire Music Hub as the team strives together for musical excellence.


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