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As these offers have been very popular, we are currently at teaching
capacity but will be taking further tuition requests as soon as we're able.

Please check back as we'll update this page when we can begin to take requests.

Individual, Paired or Group Instrumental & Vocal Lessons

Leicestershire Music are pleased to be able to offer 1:1 and small group instrumental tuition.

We have an ever growing team of qualified and experienced instrumental teachers who can deliver this in your school. All our Instrumental and Vocal Tutors are employed by the Local Authority, are highly skilled, DBS checked and safeguarding trained. They deliver high quality instrumental and vocal lessons that will enable your pupils to develop their instrumental and vocal skills whilst having fun.

Lessons are suitable for complete beginners, as a follow on from Whole Class Instrumental Tuition or for more advanced pupils. All lessons are delivered within the school day (or immediately after school) in the school building.

We are currently able to offer tuition in:

Trumpet, Cornet, Euphonium, Trombone
Drum kit
Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Saxophone
Cello, Double Bass & Violin

We have 3 different models of tuition in schools as below;

Fully Parent Paid Option

We liaise directly with parents to organise lessons and payment. Individual lessons are £12.00 for 20 minutes, group lessons £6.00 for 30 minutes for group of 4+. Instrument hire (if required) is free for the first term.

Group lessons can have a fee remission of 50% of lesson fees and ongoing free instrument hire where a parent provides evidence that they are if in receipt of free school meals. There is no remission on individual lessons.

Fully School Paid Option

The school buys in a teacher at £43.75 per hour. The school can book in up to 20 children to be taught in the hour (e.g. 2 groups of 10 or a smaller group for 45 minutes). There will be an additional fee for instrument hire.

Mixed Parent / School Paid Option

A combination of the other two options where the majority of parents pay for lessons (and instrument hire) with us directly but the school funds lessons for those who aren't able to pay (i.e. those not eligible for FSM discount, or those unable to pay the remaining 50% of group fees).

School funding will be at the full lesson price with additional fees for instrument hire (unless the child is eligible for FSM). Schools often fund these lessons through their pupil premium allocation.


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