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Leicestershire Music are able to provide subsidies on the cost of providing Whole Class Instrumental Teaching (WCIT) thanks to a Department for Education (DfE) Music Education Hub grant that we receive via Arts Council England.

Future funding from the DfE is subject to Music Hubs being able to demonstrate the impact that the funding has had on pupils music education via an annual data return.

To help us complete the data return to the DfE, please can you complete a short survey regarding the number of pupils participating (and therefore benefiting from this funding).

The survey can be accessed by clicking here (opens in a new window)

To help you and your pupils get the most from the Whole Class Instrumental Tuition programme we have provided further information regarding pupils taking instruments home below, as well as providing links to other useful documents for you to download and access. These are all below. If you require any other support or have any questions please get in touch with us.

Thank you!

Useful Information about Pupils / Instruments / WCIT / Curriculum

Can my Pupils take their Instruments home between lessons?

Yes! At Leicestershire Music we strongly believe that musical instruments are meant to be played and we actively encourage all musicians to play their instrument as much as possible between lessons!

We recommend however, that children don't take some instruments home for the first few weeks until they are really confident that they can put them together, to minimize the risk of damage.

Please also be reminded that the Instruments are being loaned from Leicestershire Music to your School and at the end of the project we will look to collect all of the instruments back from you. Therefore the final decision lies with the school. However, to protect you from some of the risk and to cover yourselves from loss or damage please ensure that all Parents, Carers or Guardians complete an instrument insurance application form as soon as possible to cover the instrument, should the worst happen.

We have comprehensive insurance policies in place that cover the majority of claims (apart from deliberate damage). The cover is available to all Parent/ Carers & Guardians once they have registered the instrument for insurance. It also completely free for them to access. Please see the below sections for further information regarding this.

How do my Parents / Carers access Insurance cover?

Please ask all Parents & Carers to register the instrument that pupils will be taking home for insurance purposes as soon as possible. This will ensure that any such instrument will be covered by insurance if lost, stolen or accidentally damaged.

Parents / Carers will need to know the Instrument 'LS' number, which is usually marked on the instrument case. For your own records we advise that you also make a note of which pupils have loaned which instrument.

Please ask them to complete the application form, which can be accessed via

We have also created a pdf document with further details and links to the form, which can be shared directly with your Parents / Carers - this is located at the bottom of this page as a download.

Parent / Carer Loan Agreement Information

For information, please find below the Loan Agreement Text that will be displayed on the Parent / Carer page.

  1. This Agreement is made between the Loanee and Leicestershire Music and only relates to Instruments on loan to pupils participating in a school-based Leicestershire Music teaching programme.
  2. The loan of the instrument is completely free for the duration of the teaching programme that is being delivered.
  3. The instrument remains the property of Leicestershire Music at all times and must be returned to the school where the teaching programme was delivered at the end of that programme. Leicestershire Music reserves the right to refuse the loan of instruments or to request the return of an instrument at any time.
  4. Failure to return the instrument at the end of the loan period will incur a penalty charge up to the value of a replacement instrument. The penalty fee charged will be at the discretion of Leicestershire Music.
  5. Every effort is made to ensure that all instruments are issued in full working order. Any faults or issues that are discovered with the instrument must be reported to the Leicestershire Music teacher delivering lessons within the school during lessons and they will be happy to fix the instrument or issue a replacement.
  6. All reasonable care must be taken of the instrument throughout the duration of the Hire Agreement and the instrument must be securely stored at all times.
  7. At the end of the Loan period you may be able to continue to hire the instrument from us. Please visit our Instrument hire webpage for details on how to request this and associated hire prices -
  8. Our Insurance policy covers the instruments so that it is protected at school, home or in transit against loss, theft and accidental damage. Please see further Insurance details below.

Insurance Cover (the small Print...)

Once your Parent / Carers / Guardians complete the instrument insurance application form they will be directed to , where they will be able to find out information regarding the cover itself and limitations. Below is a copy of the Insurance Cover small print. Essentially the cover is free and there is no excess to pay in the majority of claims. £50 excess is payable should the instrument be deliberately damaged due to neglect, misuse or vandalism.

  1. The Insurance policy covers against theft, accidental loss or damage, anywhere in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. This includes transporting the instrument between home and school.
  2. If an instrument is damaged deliberately due to neglect, misuse or vandalism then Leicestershire Music will charge a £50 excess for each claim made (reduced to the replacement value of the instrument if this value is less than £50).
  3. You are covered if the instrument is damaged beyond repair, unless the damage has occurred due to neglect or misuse.
  4. The cover may be invalidated if you are in breach of any of the conditions listed in the Instrument Loan Agreement section above, in which case should you need to make a claim then insurance excess will be charged.
  5. Insurance only covers the instrument whilst it is on loan to you. If a claim is needed to be made outside of the loan period, you may not be covered and full replacement cost of the instrument or repair may be charged. Therefore, please ensure that the instrument is promptly returned at the end of the loan period.

Information about making a claim

Below is information that can be passed on to your pupils, Parents & Carers. In the first instance it is probably best for the pupil to let their Music Teacher know about the instrument problem. Other details can be found below, and again are available on the Parent / Carer page.

General Faults
If there is a general fault with the instrument, e.g. broken string, sticky valve or missing part, please ask your child to show the instrument to the Leicestershire Music member of staff delivering the music lessons in their school.

In the majority of cases staff are able to make minor repairs or adjustments or arrange for an alternative instrument to be made available.

Lost Instrument
If the instrument has been lost please contact Leicestershire Music in writing via email to or as soon as possible letting us know the details of the instrument and nature of claim.

We can then make arrangements to provide a replacement instrument.

Stolen Instrument
If your claim is for the theft of the instrument then you must report the theft to the police. Please also report the theft to Leicestershire Music via email to or .

The police Crime Number will be required in order to process the claim.

Damaged Instrument
If it is a claim against damage to the instrument, then you must return the instrument to Leicestershire Music to be assessed. You must not attempt any repairs yourself or arrange for repairs to be made to the instrument

This can either be done by returning the instrument to the Leicestershire Music member of staff delivering the music lessons in their school or by contacting us via email at or

We will then make arrangements to assess the instrument and make a replacement instrument available.

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