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Leicestershire Music - Developing Quality Award

What is a 'Developing Quality Award'?

What is a 'Developing Quality Award'?

  • A supportive meeting between one of our Leicestershire Music Schools staff, the Music Coordinator and Head Teacher aimed at helping schools in developing their vision for music and celebrating music provision, teaching, and learning.
  • Discussion is based around our audit tool developed as part of the Leicestershire Music Education Plan, linking closely to the current Ofsted Framework for School Inspection (September 2019), the Model Music Curriculum and the National Plan for Music 2022.

What are the key aims of the 'Leicestershire Music - Developing Quality Awards'?

  • To raise the profile of music in schools
  • To celebrate success and share good practice in music
  • To encourage schools to reflect on developing both the quality and range of music provision for all children and young people
  • To provide a set of criteria by which schools can start to judge the quality of their own provision
  • To provide a framework for improvement planning in music

Why should we apply and what do we get?

  • Provides an opportunity to celebrate strengths and identify areas for development.
  • Support in devising a clear vision for music in your school.
  • 3 manageable priorities identified with support offered to action them.
  • Continuous support as needed from Leicestershire Music to implement the changes and developments.
  • Bronze, Silver or Gold Award with certificate and logos emailed out to your school to use in your school communications.
  • Nomination for a year's free subscription to the UK organisation Music Mark.

Is there any preparation required?

  • Complete and return the 1 short data form that we email out to you before the meeting.
  • There is NO REQUIREMENT to gather any additional evidence or documentation beforehand.

What do we need to do now?

  • Request a meeting via the form below.
  • Complete the short data form we will email to you and return.
  • Attend the 90 min meeting at your school (Music Coordinator and Head Teacher to both attend).

Be prepared to be honest for best outcomes about the areas we will discuss, (covering Intent, Implementation and Impact of your music provision

What happens after the meeting?

You will receive an email containing:

  • 3 suggested feedback points with proposed actions and support.
  • Appropriate certificate and logos for the award given (if working towards bronze then a follow up visit is arranged for when the school decide they have taken the steps to achieve this).
  • Music Mark nomination details
  • Approx 12 months and then 24 months after the meeting, a reflections sheet is emailed out for you to consider how far you have gone to achieving the agreed targets.
  • After a 3 year period (or sooner if you wish), you are invited to engage in the process again.

Please complete the form below, including when you would be available to meet.

Please use this form to book additional meetings if you have had already had a meeting.

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Request a Developing Quality Award Meeting

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We will do our best to arrange your meeting using this information.

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