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LM - Primary Scheme of Work

The Primary Scheme of Work is written by a group of Leicestershire teachers and;

  • Is written for non-specialist teachers
  • Contains detailed lesson plans
  • Has clear progression routes
  • Has assessment built into the lesson plans and teaching time
  • Contains all Resources needed to teach the Scheme
  • Can be adapted to be used with cross curricular links without losing the teaching of musical skills

Price: £310.00 Per Attendee - includes 3 training sessions, two Units per session, full resource access and support.

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Buy the Leicestershire Music Scheme of Work
To buy the Primary Scheme of Work for your school, please click on the link below which will take you to an online form..

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(By completing this online form, you are agreeing to purchase the Primary Scheme of Work. You will then be sent an email containing a verification link. Once you have confirmed your email address, your email address and any other staff emails you have provided will be able to access the resource.)

A part of the online form, you will need to provide details of the member of staff who will be attending training.

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Now we able to meet face-to-face again, we look forward to working with you at the 3 training sessions, which will give you an interactive musical experience to enable you to deliver the units.

NB - your school must have already bought the resource in order for you to gain access and attend training.

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