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LM - Primary Scheme of Work

The Primary Scheme of Work is written by a group of Leicestershire teachers and;

  • A Music Curriculum that has 3 days of face to face training for the Music Coordiantor
  • Clear progression of skills from EY to Year 6Assessment opportunities built into the lessons to enable teacher, peer and self-assessment within lesson time
  • Adaptable to teach mixed year groups
  • Easily individualised to meet Whole School curriculum and cross curricular links
  • Detailed lesson plans with teacher powerpoint slides
  • Clear assessment criteria
  • Full set of training resources for the Music Coordinator to enable them to support teachers in school

Price: £395.00 Per Attendee - includes full access to the Leicestershire Music Primary Scheme of Work for your school and 3 days full training for one member of staff plus support.

Training for additional members of staff will also be charged at this amount.

Feedback from delegates

"Relaxed delivery - no question too much!"

"Lots of practical ideas and information. Very hands on"

"Unknown and confusing music terms not just verbally clarified but elicited through practice"

How to buy the Primary Scheme of Work

Buy the Leicestershire Music Scheme of Work
To buy the Primary Scheme of Work for your school, please click on the link below which will take you to an online form.

Please click here to buy the resource for your school.

(By completing this online form, you are agreeing to purchase the Primary Scheme of Work. You will then be sent an email containing a verification link. Once you have confirmed your email address, your email address and any other staff emails you have provided will be able to access the resource.)

A part of the online form, you will need to provide details of the member of staff who will be attending training.

How to book your training for the Primary Scheme of Work

We look forward to working with you at the 3 training sessions, which will give you an interactive musical experience to enable you to deliver the units. Buying the Scheme of Work includes training on all units of work for one member of staff.

Schools will be charged for any additional members of staff attending training sessions at £395

NB - your school must have already bought the resource in order for you to gain access and attend training.

To book training places, please click here.

(Our systems check against schools buying the resource and staff attending training to ensure that schools are not charged twice.)

How to access the Primary Scheme of Work

Please note that users need to be logged on to our website and have permission to access the Primary Scheme of Work Resources.

If your school has bought the LM Primary Scheme of Work and you need a login, please click here to create one. You will then be sent a verification email, following which you will be given access.

After creating your login, you will need to login to the website as follows;

Use the link below to log in to our website

Once you are logged in,

How to create Prim SOW Login

Need to contact us?
For queries accessing the resource through the website, please contact

For queries about the resources or using the resource, please contact

Refresher Training for Schools already using / having bought the LM Primary Scheme of Work

Looking for some refresher training on the updated Leicestershire Music Primary Scheme of Work?

Change in staffing or retuning to the scheme after a break in use?

In response to the recent Ofsted Review, we are offering a special refresher offer to schools having already purchased our Primary Scheme of Work.

If you've already purchased our scheme but have had a change in Music Lead, we can offer the 3 day training package for 1 attendee at the reduced price of £200. By attending all 3 sessions they will have a full overview of the progression model across the whole school, gain top tips for delivery and how to support the wider staff in teaching each unit.

This training is also suitable for schools returning to using our scheme as there have been important updates to meet the expectations of the Model Music Curriculum. Your Music Lead will gain a full understanding of what these changes are and some of the new features included in our updated plans.

Upcoming training dates to be held at the NSPCC training centre LE4 1EZ: (Please click on a training event below to visit our booking page)

Session 2 - Wednesday 22nd November 2023, 9:30am to 3:00pm
Unit 3 – Rhythm
Unit 4 – Pitch

Session 3 – Wednesday 20th March 2024, 9:30am to 3:00pm
Unit 5 – Music Technology, Form & Structure
Unit 6 – 20th Century music

Session1 Wednesday 5th June 2024, 9:30 – 3:00pm
Unit 1 - Pulse
Unit 2 - Voice

Need a more bespoke approach for your whole staff?
We can offer twilight or INSET day training on any unit from the scheme that you would like a refresher session on. Covering the progression route, common vocabulary and practical tips as well as a selection of examples from specific year groups. Cost: £150 per hour / Half day £310 / Whole day £450

Should you have any queries regarding this information, please contact

Primary Scheme of Work - Sample

For those who would like to try before you buy we have a sample unit taken from the Leicestershire Music Scheme of work. There is free access to the planning, resources and teaching presentation for KS1 & KS2 sample Units

To access a sample section of the Primary Scheme of Work, please complete the form below

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Primary Scheme of Work - Sample Request Form