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Where the River Flows
SEND Schools Song Resource

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Download of Full Resource (lyric sheet, piano score, vocal line with guitar chords) and song tracks (song tracks, backing tracks - £18.00

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What is 'Where the River Flows'?

The idea for the Leicestershire Music SEND Song Album was born out of a conversation lamenting the lack of age and ability appropriate songs that were available for SEND students. All too often, it was found that songs were too complex and too fast with too many words that were often dealing with subject matter that was not relevant or suitable for learners with SEND.

The result of this was that although there is much good practise in SEND schools, some students in schools were singing songs more suited to nursery aged children as they were more repetitive, slower and contained easier language. Many staff reported that sourcing appropriate material was challenging and time consuming, and repertoire could be difficult to adapt.

Four schools across Leicester and Leicestershire were invited to take part in a series of composition and song-writing workshops with the composer, Jack Ross, in order to create a collection of songs inspired by the students' own conversations, opinions and thoughts. It was also important that the songs be contemporary, catchy, repetitive, and allow for the incorporation of signing.

We hope that this collection of songs inspires your singers to embrace singing. The resource contains scores, performance and backing tracks and lyrics sheets, and has been carefully thought out to be an adaptable, fun and easy to use resource.

Where the River Flows - in use at Dorothy Goodman School...

Being a part of Where the River Flows project has been a fantastic opportunity for Dorothy Goodman students and has demonstrated that talent, creativity and imagination has no limits. The development of the students' self-confidence and growing self-esteem has been a real highlight throughout the project and the final performance really showcased everyone's pride, hard work and commitment in producing the songs. Jack's work with the choir has enabled our students to realise, achieve and produce a set of magnificent, relevant and age appropriate songs for students of all ages and abilities.

Mark, teacher at Dorothy Goodman School

Where the River Flows - Access Full Resource (password needed)

Please click on the link below to access the Full Resource.

Where the River Flows - Access Full Resource (password needed)

Where the River Flows - Access Song Album (password needed)

Please click the link below to access the Song Album

Where the River Flows - Access Song Album (password needed)

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