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Youtube Learning Sessions

FREE Music Making Sessions from Leicestershire Music

Inspired by Joe Wicks' lockdown videos, our amazing staff created a series of FREE music making sessions, many of which don't need an instrument!

Please click on a title below to link to the relevant playlist in Youtube.

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Ukulele & Guitar

Join Mr Thurlow's Ukulele and Guitar sessions. Both are aimed at beginners but assume some experience. Further Guitar resources and Ukulele resources for beginners and beyond, can be found on our website.

Leics Explore Music Technology

Led by Tim Clay, Leics Explore Music Technology is a weekly 6-lesson resource for KS1 and KS2 students for use at school or at home - based on the LM Scheme of Work Unit 5 theme of Music Technology.

Over the 6 sessions pupils will learn how to use a range of fun, interactive and free web based applications. Each of these pieces of software will encourage musical learning and exploration and the sessions themselves will build upon previous knowledge as well as introducing pupils to musical structures.

PDF's to accompany each video are available using links posted in the descriptions on Youtube.

Leics Explore Pitch

Developed by Team Leader Becky Bell, Leics Explore Pitch is a weekly 6-lesson resource aimed at KS1 and KS2 students for use at school or at home and is based on the LM Scheme of Work Unit 4 theme of Pitch.

Learning about pitch, dynamics, tempo and timbre, KS1 viewers can explore voice and found sounds to compose music and create sound effects for characters in a story. KS2 viewers can compose ostinato patterns, drones and melodies, to create layers of sound for a composition, using junk 'instruments' and found sounds. No prior knowledge of music or pitch is required so these resources can be used by everyone!

Links for accompanying PDF's for each video are in the relevant youtube video description.

Homemade Percussion

Join our Music Leader Andres Barrero - (Mr B) - as he leads you through Homemade Percussion sessions involving creating instruments out of household objects and creating amazing new rhythms!

Table Tappers

No instrument? No problem! - Learn some new rhythms in a 4 week series of Table Tappers with Music Leader Mr Bailey.

Singing Assembly

Our Singing Assembly sessions are led by members of our Singing Team, with a warm up session before leading you through songs.

Click here to see the Singing Assembly playlist.

Beatboxing Basics with Mr Shay

Let Mr Shay lead you through Boots'n'Cats and beyond. You'll be levelled up before you know it!

Body Percussion - with Abanazar the Musical Wizard

Abanazar the Musical Wizard cast a spell over everyone with his weekly Body Percussion session but his magic remains on our youtube channel and can be watched again by clicking here - where you'll be invited to create music alongside Abanazar! You won't need any instruments, in fact - that's where the magic comes in - you'll be creating music from nothing!

Abanazar has conjured up an mp3 backing tracks and helpful guides to playing the rhythms from each session - links to these are in the description of each video on Youtube.

Jamalong with Carrie & Mowkee (SEND)

Why not Jam-Along with Carrie & Mowkee - Fun Music to join in with.

A weekly 8-lesson SEND resource for use at school or at home using the improvise approach. You can join in however you feel is right for you. You might want to sing, use body percussion, your voice, an app or use items from around your home.

Just have fun making music alongside Carrie & Mowkee. Perhaps you can persuade someone else to join in making music with you?

PDF's to accompany each video are available using links posted in the descriptions on Youtube.