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School Music
Development Plan

Why do schools need a Music Development plan?

The refreshed National Plan for Music Education, published in June 2022, recommends that all schools have a Music Development Plan in place, to show their ongoing commitment to the development of music in their school. This webpage is intended for use by Headteachers, Senior Leadership Teams and School Music Leads to support this work.

The 3 goals of the National Plan for Music education are:

  1. All children and young people receive a high-quality music education in the early years and in schools
  2. All music educators work in partnership, with children and young people's needs and interests at their heart
  3. All children and young people with musical interests and talents have the opportunity to progress, including professionally

Music in Schools
Schools should aim high with their music provision, to embed and exceed the national curriculum and to support their pupils to realise their musical potential. A high-quality school music education consists of three distinct, but interlinked areas of provision.

  • Curriculum music, compulsory from key stages 1-3, then optional for examination classes (e.g. GCSE, vocational and technical qualifications and A level).
  • Instrumental and vocal lessons, and ensemble membership
  • Musical events and opportunities, such as singing in assembly, concerts and shows, and trips to professional concerts.

While it is the responsibility of all schools to deliver music well, Leicestershire Music will support and empower all schools to excel:

• Schools are to have a School Music Development Plan, owned by the school, but Hubs should initiate discussions & support schools to develop them

• School Music Development Plans should consider how the school and the Hub will work together to provide broad and high-quality opportunities for all pupils o For example, through First Access (WCET), large and small-group tuition, instrumental tuition for pupils (and teachers), CPD and networking opportunities

• Hub partnerships should communicate their offer to schools, both what they already do and what they could do

• Discussions should be two-way, considering also what the school could offer its wider community, through and in partnership with the Hub

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