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Related Youtube Links for Djembe

This page contains a collection of useful youtube videos that are either featured in the drumming lessons or are related to them. The videos have been grouped into related groups with headings below.

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Djembe and Dance

Tanante perform with lead djembe from Iya Sako, all of whom live in and around Manchester, England. Notice how everyone is welcome to do a solo dance, including children!

Harouna Dembele plays lead djembe for the rhythm and dance "Kawa". Notice how the djembe has to mark the steps of the dancers who perform improvised dance solos.

Barbara Bangoura

Djembe in Modern Culture

Tinariwen - Tenere Taqqal

Tinariwen are a popular band from the Sahara Desert in Northern Mali who use Djembe and Calabash along with western instruments such as electric guitar and bass.

Oumou Sangare - Seya

Oumou Sangaré is a prominent, outspoken artist and from Mali who makes fusion music of traditional and contemporary (new) instruments and styles. She is also popular for her fight for women's rights in Africa.

Djembe Kan – solo djembe

Petit Adama

Babara Bangoura

Fode Bangoura

Boka Camara

Bolokada Conde

Harouna Dembele

Thomas Guei

Melissa Hie

Seckou Keita

Famadou Konaté

Mamadi Kondé

Bassidi Kone

General Music Videos

Foli - (there is no movement without rhythm)

Playing a straw like a Double Reed Instrument

How to read Music (Western Notation)

How playing an instrument benefits your brain

Great car commercial - Honda

Vienna's Vegetable Orchestra

Baikal Ice - Live Sound

The Magic of Making Sound

Great Performances from Master Drummers

Here are three Guinean masters: Mamady Keita, Famadou Konate and Fadouba Oulare who are revered and greatly respected. They were pioneers who first made djembe popular over the rest of the world, especially Mamady Keita in that respect.

Young generation of masters: Babara Bangoura, Harouna Dembele, Adama "Bilarou" Dembele, Adama ' Petit' Diarra & Thomas Guei.

Born in Ivory Coast, Sidiki Dembelé is a young rising star who has lived in Manchester, England for some time now.

Fode Seydou Bangoura is another young generation master djembe player from Guinea who is popular amongst djembe players.

Bolokada Conde is a well respected djembe player of the older generation from Guinea.

Boka Camara performs with his group in 2003 before he passed away in 2009

Mamadi Condé and his group Percussions Kouroussa vocalising and play Kassa

Some of the many West African instruments

Famoro Dioubate plays Balafon and sings. Balafon is a popular instrument in West Africa especially in Mali, Guinea, Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso. Balafons come in different sizes, styles and tunings. You will often find balafon being played along with djembe, dunduns, calabash and kora.

Bassidi and Khalifa Kone play a balafon duet.

Afro Faso Jeunesse play Balafon, Bara drums, djembe and duns.

Zoumana Dembelé leads his group that includes Fula flute at the start of the clip along with Balafon, djembe, dunduns and Tama drum (sometimes called "talking drum" in the west).

Bassirou Sanou plays the Mandingue flute

A helpful overview of the Krin.

Shekere shaker.

Seckou Keita plays the Kora (West African Harp). This is an original piece called "The Invisible Man" from his album "22 Strings".

Youssou Diatta plays Sabar drumming for the naming ceremony of his niece. Sabar drums originated from the Serer people of Senegal, and is also very popular in Gambia.

Women in Djembe

Melissa Hie

Salimata Diabate

Monette Marino