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Brass Resources

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Brass Videos 1 - 5 with Mr Rifugiato

Brass 1 – How to Hold Your Instrument

Brass 2 – Make Some Noise! Buzzing & Tongueing

Brass 3 – Answer Back! How to Play C, D & E

Brass 4 – Extra Practice on C, D & E

Brass 5 – First Song! Hot Cross Buns

Brass Videos A - J with Mr Vincze

Brass A - How to make a noise on the mouthpiece

Brass B - Mouthpiece Copycat Warm Up

Brass C - How to play C and copycat activity

Brass D - How to play D and copycat activity

Brass E - How to play E and copycat activity

Brass F - How to play F and copycat activity

Brass G - How to play G and Copycat Activity

Brass H - Call and Response with C and G

Brass I - Clapping Copy Cat C to G

Brass J - Note Practice