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Nyagba or Nyagbafoli is a rhythm played in only a small part of the Maninka region southwest of Bamako. In Siby, it's played at the annual local festival of Kamanjan as well as in the Nyagba women's society. The women's society meetings are so secretive, that the men who drum in it are led blindfolded, by row boat, and told to keep the blindfold on whilst they drum!

An elderly woman will sit by the man as he drums, telling him when to play certain things for the women that are dancing. Not a lot is known by those outside the meetings about what happens, but it is believed that Nyagba centers around a mask and deals in secret magic or philosophical knowledge. Nyagba is especially concerned with protection against bad sorcery.

Drissa Kone, is a Djembe player from a small village called Kourouba near Siby. In his village the rhythm is played to celebrate a bride's journey to her new home, carrying all her possessions.