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Makru is one of two rhythms "Yankadi Makru" that are played together as a courting rhythm, originating from the Susu people of Southwest Guinea, West Africa.

Master drummer Mamady Keita describes Yankadi Makru in his book: Mamady Keita, "A Life for The Djembe";

The young people of neighbouring villages invite one another to Yankadi festivities. Mostly, the young people between the ages of fifteen and twenty-five dance, but the adults also like to be part of it! The dance begins slowly with the rhythm Yankadi; girls and boys face each other in two rows and slowly dance towards each other. One boy places a scarf on a girl as a symbol of love. Then, a whistle sounds, the signal for the change into the rhythm Makru, which is faster. The rows break up, and the couples dance individually.


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A ballet-style version of Yankadi Makru from the group "Dunyakelen"