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Alto Saxophone

We hope you enjoy your instrument. Please take the time to read the information below in order to keep the instrument in its best condition.

Caring for your instrument

Please don't attempt to assemble your instrument before being shown how to do so by your tutor. Always use your sling to avoid dropping the instrument, and take care when assembling your saxophone to prevent the keywork from being bent.

After Each Use
Wipe the keys with a clean cloth, then swab out the inside of the saxophone using a woodwind pull-through. Be sure to clean all sections of the saxophone, removing moisture from the instrument after each use will help to prolong the life of the pads. Always store the saxophone in its case when not being used to prevent risk of damage.

Periodic Maintenance
The cork should be greased using the provided cork grease, this will keep the instrument from becoming difficult to assemble or from parts sticking together. Check the mouthpiece for a buildup of dirt and if necessary soak and wash the mouthpiece in water.


If you need advice about tuning, there are a wealth of tutorials available on Youtube which will show you what to do whilst also providing the relevant tuning notes for your instrument.

Please click here to visit Youtube


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