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Special School Symposium

Date - Tuesday 27th June 2023 9:00am - 4:00pm
Venue - Menphys Hub, Bassett Street, South Wigston
Price - £80 per delegate - includes food & refreshments

  • An opportunity not to be missed for all Special School Music Leaders
  • Explore the New National Plan for Music and what that means for you and your school
  • Deepen knowledge to identify those with talent and potential

Morning Session

Ex-HMI for Music - Mark Phillips
Mark was HMI for Music up until September 2022 and has up to date knowledge of music education and Ofsted.

The National Plan for Music (NPME) was launched last year; The Power of Music to change Lives. Mark Phillips will delve into this new plan and help us understand what it means for your setting.
Within this plan three distinct but interlinked areas of provision are highlighted, that when all in place offer a high-quality music education for our young people. These are:

  • Curriculum Music
  • Instrumental and Vocal Lessons
  • Musical Events and Opportunities

Along with this there is an expectation that all schools should have a Music Development Plan that brings these areas into focus.

Keeping to the vision of the NPME, Leicestershire Music have put together a day of training, to give you food for thought in these areas, through training from National Experts in music education.

Afternoon Session

Jon Kille & Hugh Nankivell (Awards for Young Musicians) (AYM)

Acclaimed Identifying Musical Talent and Potential (ITP) training exists to make music education fairer. It tackles one of the biggest obstacles to young people's musical progress - identifying those with talent and potential, especially in whole class or larger group settings.

In this session, the facilitators will lead participants through musical games and activities designed to help them spot potential in their students, and introduce AYM's 8 Facets of Musical Potential. They will draw on their work with Special Schools and with Open Up Music. The training will be supported by film resources made in four settings (primary, secondary, special school and a young carers group), which highlight the identification of musical potential in a range of young people, along with a range of additional take away resources.

Please see below for Speaker information.

Mark Phillips

Mark Phillips was an HMI for 16 years, including nearly ten years as a senior HMI for London and as Ofsted's national lead for music.

Prior to joining Ofsted, Mark taught music and English, including as an advanced skills teacher where he working in all phases from the Early Years to Sixth Form. He has also held leadership roles in schools, a local authority music service and a local authority school improvement service.

In September 2022, Mark founded BEAMS Education and Music, offering consultancy support to schools, local authorities, academy chains and music hubs.

Jon Kille

Jon has been a music educator for 40 years, beginning his career as a teacher in primary/middle schools and subsequently as head of a music service overseas which provides support for all aspects of music education in schools from 0-19.

He has worked as musician-in-residence in schools all over the world from Italy to the Falkland islands to Brunei with the common aim of making music accessible to all.

Specialising in creating and delivering whole class instrumental programmes and workshops, he thrives on demonstrating the musical energy that can be created by groups of children and students of all ages who are well taught by well-taught teachers.

Hugh Nankivell

My work as a freelance musician entails working with communities of all ages, and experiences in many settings in the UK and abroad over the past 35 years. I have worked with theatre, puppets, dancers, opera, visual arts, in hospitals and care settings and on social prescribing projects, in addition to the formal music education sector on composition and creative projects.

My working relationship with AYM over the past fifteen years has allowed me to share and extend a rich vein of musical pedagogy.

I am a compulsive songwriter, keen cyclist and writer of palindromes.

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