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A Million Dreams - Virtual Choir Project

A huge thank you to all the students and schools who took part, Mark de-Lisser for teaching the students parts and providing resources, our own Nicola Atkins for putting the project together and our friends and colleagues who helped out and produced the finished video below!

The A Million Dreams Virtual Choir project is a singing opportunity for all pupils attending Primary, Secondary and SEND Schools in Leicester and Leicestershire.

Teaming up with the amazing Mark De-Lisser (BBC's Our Dementia Choir & Meet the Street at Christmas) and the Leicester-Shire Music Education Hub singers will have the opportunity to learn Mark's arrangement of A Million Dreams from the Greatest Showman then record themselves to be a part of a massed virtual choir performance. The deadline for submitting recordings is Monday 29th June at 5.00pm.

Please find further details for your school / age group below

How to register to become part of the Virtual Choir

All students wishing to take part must register with LSMS beforehand. If you have not registered, we are unable to include you in the choir.

Please click here to register

This link will take you to the LSMS Speedadmin registration portal.

Please choose 'Choirs' - further information about how to register will be on our system.

Following registration, you will be emailed the password to use to access the instructional videos created by Mark De-Lisser in the section below.
You should then practice your part until you are happy that you are ready to record yourself singing.

Please see the section below on how to record and submit your recording.

How to record yourself and submit your recording

How to record and submit your recording

  • Firstly you will need to watch Mark's videos carefully and practise the song until you know it really well - the words and music are included here on the website – if you are a primary or SEND student you will just need the words and Mark's teaching videos – for secondary students you will need the music and/or words whichever you are most comfortable with in addition to Mark's videos.
  • Once you are sure you know the song really well practise a couple of times with the conductor video – this is the video you will be using for your recording.
  • You will need 2 devices and some headphones for your recording – this doesn't need to be anything fancy a laptop or PC and a phone will be fine.
  • You will need to play the conducting video on one device and this is the device you need to plug your headphones into – you will then be able to hear the backing track through your headphones to sing along to.
  • You will record yourself singing on the other device – Important you must start recording from the very beginning of the song including the introduction so we can sync everything together don't just record from when you start to sing.
  • Listen back to your recording and check that there isn't any background noise (the doorbell has rung, the dog is barking etc) and that you have got all the words and notes as well as you can. It may sound strange as it will just be your voice on the recording with no backing track, but it will be the same for everyone so don't worry it will sound amazing when it is all put together. Whatever you do please send it in we want everybody's voices on the recording.
  • Once you are happy save your recording with your name as the title - if you are secondary please also add which part you are singing.

e.g. Susan Smith or Susan Smith Alto

How to upload your recording
Please click on the relevant link below - this will take you to a folder in the LSMS Dropbox account where you can upload your recording. Please ensure that you save and title your recording as below

Send your recording to:



  • If you are sending a photograph for the film montage you should also send this to the link above and again save this with your name as the title
  • The deadline for submitting recordings is Friday 26th June at 5.00 p.m.

If you have any queries regarding the Virtual Choir

If you have any queries regarding this project, please contact

Instructional Videos from Mark De-Lisser

NB - These videos are password protected. Please use the password sent to you after registering. This may take two working days to reach you.

Please click on the relevant link below,

These will both take you to a Vimeo online video account where you will be asked to enter the password sent to you after registering.

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