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After the success of Concerto for Turntables as part of the BBC Ten Pieces Project, Leicestershire Schools Music Service and Lead for Music Technology, Bradley Smith, are proud to present this introductory unit of Turntablism. The goal of the project is simple: to give children in compulsory music education the opportunity to experience the versatile, exciting and dynamic art of Turntablism.

Through this experience, our hope is that they are ignited with the curiosity, knowledge and confidence to seek out and begin their own exploration into the world of Turntablism. This art form contains many traditional musical skills as well as gesturing towards a pathway into further music technology and music production.

In this unit of work, children will learn and develop several of the key initial skills to practice and perform Turntablism. They will learn the principles of a standard analogue DJ setup, how to interact and play on the equipment, several scratch techniques and they will learn and perform a piece of notated scratching (using the turntable transcription method).

The course has been delivered by several schools around the county who have all reported back on the quality of the resource, support, training and diverse range of positive outcomes for their pupils.

Tim Clay (Head of Performing Arts at St Martin's Catholic Voluntary Academy) said:

"I have nothing but the highest praise for this scheme of work and every lesson was ensured to contain high quality learning and enabled smooth delivery. The students were so engaged and all have made excellent progress. I wouldn't be surprised to see some students, as a result of this unit, consider taking GCSE music and using turntables as their instrument."

Craig Cubitt (Head of Performing Arts at Ivanhoe Specialist Technology Academy) said: "We managed to teach nearly all of our Year 7 students, half of our Years 8 and 9 students, more students in an extra lunchtime club and even some staff in after-school sessions – a total of about 650 people in all. The project was excellent, as was the equipment, and the scheme of work extremely well planned."

The unit of work has received media attention, being featured on BBC Radio Leicester and having a two page article feature in the national Music Teacher magazine. To read the article from Music Teacher, please click on the link below this text.

For the cost of £500, your school will receive all of the unit's planning materials and resources (including the interactive PowerPoints and videos which exemplify and lead the pupils), a half term loan of 16 sets of high performance Turntable setups - enough to cater for up to 32 learners, a full day of training before delivering the unit and two half day visits from Bradley Smith to support you in the classroom.

The unit is currently best suited for KS3 and KS4 however there is a Primary School version which is in development! Furthermore, Turntablism Unit 2 is currently being written to allow for progression and extension for those pupils who have completed Unit 1.

Please contact with Bradley Smith (Bradley.Smith@leics.gov.uk / 0116 3050275) to discuss bringing this stimulating unit of Turntablism to your school.

How much does a Turntablism Project Cost?

The standard offering for the turntablism units are as follows:

Option A: A 6 lesson unit of work. This is based around 6 lessons and includes loan of the equipment for 6 weeks. This is priced at £400.

Option B: A 12 lesson unit of work. This is based around 12 lessons and includes loan of the equipment for 12 weeks. This is priced at £700.

Other Options:

Discount for MAT or partnering up with a local school

If you are part of a Multi Academy Trust, or wish to partner up with another local school to help reduce the cost, please use the excel sheet (downloadable below) to create a bespoke package with an instant price quotation.

For instance, if you wish to have the unit in 3 schools in your MAT for the 12 lesson unit with 4 weeks of equipment hire, enter these details into the spread sheet to find out the cost.

Bespoke package for a single school

If you are a single school and wish to take on the unit outside of the standard 6 week or 12 week offering, the quote generator can also be used for this.

For example, if you wish to have the 6 lesson unit but only require the equipment for 3 weeks, you can enter this information to get a reduced price compared to the standard £400 for the 6 lesson unit with equipment loan for 6 weeks.

For more information or to make a booking, please contact Bradley Smith on the below details:


0116 3050275

More Information

The Google doodle recently celebrated the 44th anniversary of the birth of Hip Hop and thus turntablism. Learn about the history of turntablism and have a go yourself on their virtual decks!


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