SEND Instrumental Learning & Singing

What's on Offer?

WCET in SEND schools

Weekly 45 minute lessons


iPad project

5 sessions + resource pack


Soundbeam project

5 sessions + resource pack


Instrumental Workshops

Bespoke ½ day



Loan of turntables + teacher training day + unit of work. For groups of up to 10 pupils


1-2-1 Tuition

Weekly 20 minute instrumental lessons for individual pupils.
(Minimum of 2 hours consecutive lessons at the same venue must be booked)

£30 per hour

SEND Singing Experience

Summer Term ½ day


Vocal-Ease Phase 3b

3 school based sessions + 1 large scale performance


Music is one of the most inclusive and participatory subjects for all children. Tailored to the needs of your learners, our SEND school projects use music as a vehicle for developing creativity, helping each individual to shine. Through these projects, LSMS aims to build sustainable partnerships with SEND schools that can support both your teachers and students, responding to needs and interests over the long-term.

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Whole Class Ensemble Teaching & Vocal-Ease for SEND Schools

WCET is a year-long programme that involves instrumental lessons for whole classes and is suitable up to Key Stage 4 in SEND schools. This ensemble approach offers a whole class learning experience where children can improve their listening skills and develop their team work. We are keen to ensure all pupils can access instrumental learning and singing projects. We are able to deliver the following instruments in SEND settings:

  • Brass
  • Djembe
  • Strings
  • Ukulele

Additional Needs in Mainstream School

If you have pupils with additional needs in your mainstream school, we can adapt our instrumental and vocal projects to ensure the lessons are fully inclusive. When you make your booking, there is a section where you can tell us about pupils' specific needs so that we can plan accordingly. This might include selecting the most suitable instruments, adding different instruments, adapting teaching styles and resources or selecting appropriate music.

iPad Project for SLD Students

Tailored to the needs of your pupils, this 5 session project uses iPads to develop musical skill, knowledge and creativity, particularly allowing SLD and MLD student's access to creating music. A comprehensive resource pack is also included in the package. Sessions will be delivered by a specialist, and activities could include:

• Composition and song writing
• Creating music videos
• Mixing iPads with acoustic instruments
• Creating iPad ensembles
• Instrumental Workshops

These small group sessions for up to 10 students can be tailored around a class topic or theme. They will be tailored to meet your objectives and can be a standalone workshop or part of a series. The cost includes bespoke project planning, delivery of 2 x sessions of 1 hour duration (up to 20 pupils) and the provision of instruments.

Bespoke Projects

LSMS knows that SEND schools are unique and that all learners have individual needs. We're committed to making music available to every child, and would be very happy to create a bespoke project for your school. Please email and one of our team will get back to you to discuss the possibilities.


We now have a unique new Turntablism Unit of Work available for SEND schools. The scheme aims to provide a new dimension to pupils' music making and engage and inspire children with an alternative genre of music. The project includes teacher training, resources - including a six lesson planned unit, and an instructional video. Your school will have the loan of a half class set of double decks over a half term. This equipment is substantial and if you choose to apply for this project you will need to ensure there is enough space to deliver sessions and store the turntables in school. Places are limited to 3 schools per year.

For more information on our Turntablism work, why not visit our Turntablism page?

1-2-1 Tuition

20 minute 1-2-1 instrumental lessons

NB - A minimum of two hours of consecutive 1-2-1 tuition lessons must be booked, taking place at the same venue.

SEND Singing Experience

Ten SEND settings in Leicester and Leicestershire have currently taken part in a Singing Experience morning. Seven of these schools - 150 young people - performed at the Curve on Friday 30th November 2018.

The young people attended a LSMS singing workshop with staff from their schools. They were introduced to the songs and enjoyed the experience of singing with peers. They then worked incredibly hard in school to learn all the words to the songs in readiness to perform all eight songs as a performance at the Curve.

We hope that the SEND Singing experience inspires young people to embrace singing.

The album Where the River Flows is available to purchase as a download which makes a lovely keepsake of the SEND singing experience and performance.

Vocal-Ease Phase 3b

Vocal-Ease Phase 3 provides a high profile performance opportunity for your pupils, who will join together with other schools to form a massed choir. This programme also offers the class teacher the opportunity to lead part of a performance or rehearsal with the massed choir.

"This morning a class of KS3 MLD students performed in their first assembly after only just 3 ukulele WCET lessons. They performed 2 songs playing the chord of C and some catchy unison rhythms.

The sense of enjoyment and achievement was amazing and they all played in a very disciplined and musical way. The audience joined in with the rhythm of one of the songs which added to the sense of fun in the hall. It was a very positive and uplifting experience for all involved."

(Jane Farrell, Ukulele Music Leader, LSMS)


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