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Musical Beginnings for KS1

What's on Offer?

Ukulele, sticks and songs

10 x 40 minute lessons over 1 term. (3 Units)

Year 2

£400 (Sign up for 3 terms for discounted price of £1000)

KS1 Singing Experience

Wednesday 10th October 2018 10.00 – 11.45 a.m.
All Nations Church – Leicester LE3 5AG

Years 1 & 2

£50 (Per Class)

KS1 Singing Experience

Wednesday 20th March 2019 10.00 – 11.45 a.m.
Loughborough Town Hall - LE11 3EB

Years 1 & 2

£50 (Per Class)

Vocal-Ease Phase 1

2 staff training sessions + 1 singing day for children + resources

Years 1 & 2


Vocal-Ease Phase 2

10 x 1 hour bespoke weekly lessons. Can include KS2 children

Years 1 & 2+


KS1 Whole Class Ensemble Teaching (3 UNITS)

Using ukuleles, percussion and singing, our whole class lessons for Year 2 intend to lay the foundations for successful musical learning. If children are given the opportunity to play as an ensemble at this very early stage, then research has shown that individual musical learning will be more successful in future years. The KS1 WCET programme uses an exciting resource that builds up a class ensemble, incorporating playing instruments with songs that cover a variety of musical styles, as well as lyrics that support the musical learning.

The programme includes a book, audio CD and CD Rom, and schools can choose to sign up for 1, 2 or 3 terms. Where term length allows, there are a minimum of 10 x 40 minute lessons per term; ukuleles are provided, and children can take them home to practise.

KS1 WCET can be incorporated in a half day or full day package along with options for Year 3 and KS2.

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KS1 Singing Experience

A singing morning for all KS1 pupils: Bring your class along to sing with pupils from other schools. Lots of fun, lots of songs, lots of ideas to take back to school. There are 2 KS1 singing mornings available this year, with places for approximately 450 children in each. One is in Leicester City and the other in the Loughborough area, but any school can attend either session.

Vocal-Ease Phase 1: Teacher Training Programme

This programme aims to build the confidence of teachers, while also working with children in your school. It begins with a bespoke training session for your whole staff, followed by a singing day for all children - modelling the ideas from the training sessions. This is then followed up with a further staff training, with resources provided.

Vocal-Ease Phase 2: Individual Schools Programme

A singing specialist will deliver 10 tailor made sessions in your school. You can choose to split the sessions between year groups or classes and you can even choose to incorporate KS2 children. The programme culminates in a performance, led by our singing specialist along with the class teachers. Resources are included.

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"Music making via WCET translates into making a real difference to the life of the school and the wider community."

Birmingham City University WCET research 2017