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Special Initiatives

Leicester-Shire Music Education Hub is a collection of local and national partner organisations and schools, working together to deliver the National Plan for Music Education. Throughout the year we work together on partnership projects, some of which are targeted and others which schools can apply for.

Examples of some of our unique partnership projects include:
• Boys Noise singing project with Leicester City Football Club, encouraging boys to find their voice through a link with sport
• Orchestra Unwrapped Strings; a partnership with the Philharmonia Orchestra, brings young people and professional musicians together

Projects are advertised via our Hub newsletter.

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Progression through Ensembles

If you have any pupils who are talented musicians, or have a real enthusiasm or passion for music, signpost them to one of our ensembles. We offer a variety of Performnce Groups that rehearse on Saturday mornings and weekday evenings catering for all levels of instrumental players from the new starters to those very advanced pupils who play in our flagship Symphony Orchestra. These players are provided with quality, motivational and aspirational performances at the end of each term showcasing the repertoire they have been working on.

We provide a network of buses from various points around the county and our older students are given the opportunity to tour abroad each year. For more information about our ensembles please visit our Ensembles page.

To find out more about The Leicester-Shire Music and Cultural Trust, please click here:

Please see below for a short video about our Ensembles

enSENble (SEND Ensemble)

The SEN ensemble is a fully inclusive musical experience, bringing together many different styles of music, from Rock, to Samba, and Hip Hop and spoken word. On these Saturday sessions pupils will use a wide variety of instruments, including the use of technology, such as Ableton Push, and Soundbeam, as well as drums, keyboards, Guitars and percussion. Creating pieces of music using whatever is at hand, with pupils of all abilities.

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Fee Remission for Ensembles

To ensure there are no barriers to any child who wants to play in an ensemble, full fee remission is available to students whose families receive qualifying benefits.

If you are currently in receipt of any of the following, your child will be eligible for 100% remission for membership & transport fees. Proof of receipt of benefits MUST BE RECEIVED BY LSMS, in order for the remission to be applied.

Universal Credit (if your household income is less than £16,190 per year) (Please provide a copy of your Universal Credit Statement from the HM Revenue and Pensions (all pages) which confirms your entitlement to Universal Credit).

Income Support or Pension Credit (Guarantee element) - (A recent letter from the Department for Work and Pensions to show your entitlement).

Income Based Job Seekers Allowance - (A copy of your letter from the Department for Work and Pensions or your local Job Centre (all pages confirming your entitlement).

Child Tax Credit (if your household income is less than £16,190 per year and whether or not in receipt of Working Tax Credit) (Please provide Form TC602 from the HM Revenue and Pensions (all pages) which confirms your entitlement to Child Tax Credit

Support under the Asylum and Immigration Act. (Please provide documents from the National Asylum Seekers Support Service to prove that you are receiving support as an Asylum Seeker).

When you are asked to register your child as a member of an ensemble, please email a scan of the relevant documents to or post a copy to LSMS, Room G10, County Hall, Glenfield, Leicester, LE3 8RA.

We will also accept evidence of Pupil Premium from your childs' school.

Without Proof of entitlement, we are unable to apply a discount.

Awards for Young Musicians: Furthering Talent

LSMS are working with this national programme so that young people with musical potential from low income families can access free individual, weekly tuition. This programme will benefit up to 30 young people from Leicester-Shire over two years. For more information on how to access this scheme, contact your local AYM coordinator:

Instrument Hire

Many of our packages include instruments, however if you have an individual student who needs an instrument, they can hire a reasonably priced instrument from LSMS. Alternatively, if you require an instrument for a short period of time, or for a project or performance, please contact us to let us know what you need – we may be able to help!

Or for more information or to hire an instrument using our online form, please visit our Instrument Hire page.

Endangered Species Instrument Initiative

Some orchestral instruments have been nationally identified as "Endangered Species" instruments as nationally there are very few children learning them.
Our programme has already had significant success, with almost 50 new bassoon players alone. To build on this, new pupils playing one of the instruments listed below are given free hire of an instrument for the entire time that they are a member of one of our ensembles. They will also get the first term of ensemble membership free followed by 50% subsidy for the rest of the academic year.

Double Bass
French Horn

For more information, please click here to visit our Endangered Species Instrument Initiative page.

Associate and Recommended Instrumental Teachers

If you are not booking a WCET or Continuation project, but you have some individual pupils or a small group who would like instrumental tuition, then you need an Associate Teacher. Our Associates are quality assured by the Leicester-Shire Music Education Hub who carry out regular lesson observations and offer training. All Associates are DBS checked and have attended Safeguarding Training.

You can contact our Associate Instrumental Teachers directly – Please click here for information.

Soundbeam Hire

Soundbeam hire and project details:

LSMS have extended their offer with Soundbeams to SEN settings. We currently have 6 Soundbeams that are available to be used in Leicester-Shire Schools.

For those who are unaware of what Soundbeam is, please check out this YouTube clip to give you an idea of what Soundbeam is and its capabilities within the classroom.">">Soundbeam 6 demonstration

Schools are using the units to introduce students to different sound fields, to develop their topic work, and as a resource across the whole school. Within SLD and MLD settings, It develops improvisation, composition and arranging skills when working in a group, and within PMLD settings, it is an excellent resource to enable music making for students with limited movements and allows students autonomy where some conventional instruments cannot.

Work at Dorothy Goodman has proved successful, with the unit being used across the school 'The sound beam has been a valuable resource in enabling students of all ages and abilities to access a vibrant and varied curriculum, not just within music, without barriers to their learning' – Mark Wilson, teacher.

Option 1 - Soundbeam loan

Half a term


Full term


Academic year


Option 2 - Soundbeam Project

The cost includes the loan of the Soundbeam and the project can be themed to fit the school curriculum and tailored to the needs of your students

3 x ½ day workshops PLUS Soundbeam loan for ½ term, plus a free initial project planning meeting


6 x ½ day workshops PLUS Sound beam loan for full term, plus a free initial project planning meeting


Staff training 1 ½ hours for up to 6 staff


To book a Soundbeam loan or a Soundbeam project please email

This is excellent value considering the price of a new Soundbeam (currently £3525).

This resource has the potential to be used across school to enhance all aspect of the curriculum.

Instrument Demonstrations

If you have a special music day or assembly, or you want to inspire pupils who are about to start a project, then a demo is the perfect choice. Two of our specialist instrumental teachers will come to your school and can deliver up to 30 minutes for each key stage (maximum of 1 hour in total), showcasing the instrument group through demonstration and performance. There are a limited number of sessions available, and they can take place in the first and last week of each term. (ls

For more information or to request an Instrument Demonstration, please email us at


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